Bike to the Views at Lake Tahoe's East Shore Trail

Gorgeous scenery, incredible biking and walking trail, and wonderful Lake Tahoe views!

Grab your bike and spend the day riding between beautiful lake views and discovering secret coves at Lake Tahoe's East Shore Trail! This trail showcases expansive Lake Tahoe views while cycling away over bridges surrounded by stunning scenery and views. Such a new and incredible way to see such an amazing shot of nature! Bring your family and furry friends for this 3 mile biking hike where you literally get the best of both worlds; biking and hiking all in one. Ride and discover the secret coves and beautiful viewpoints situated amongst the trail. Climb a large boulder and take plenty of pictures overlooking Lake Tahoe. Find the interpretive panels along the trails and learn the history behind this beautiful gem and the nature that surrounds you. A biking hike to truly remember! 

Perfect For

  • Lake Tahoe and the Nature

  • Biking and Hiking

  • Biking hike for two

  • Group biking hike

  • Family biking adventure

  • Personal biking hike

Packing List

  • water
  • backpack
  • small snacks
  • sunscreen
  • first-aid kit



  1. Stop by the biking station to make sure everything is ready for the hike
  2. Grab your bike and begin you adventure
  3. Marvel at the beautiful scenery and lake views around you
  4. Pedal across the bridges and discover the secret coves nestled around
  5. Climb a large boulder and take plenty of pictures at the top
  6. Soak in the beauty of Lake Tahoe all around you

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Q & A

Dogs are allowed on leashes, but it is important to not walk your dog on the pavement when the weather is hot.

Yes! With a 10-foot wide path, it meets the American Disability Act standards to ensure it is accessible to everyone to ride a bike, walk or stroll.

There are plenty of bike rentals near the trail if you need to rent a bike.