Colorful Views in Capitola

Colorful buildings, a vibrant beach, and bright Italian vibes!

Grab a friend, load the camera, and get ready to discover this colorful hidden gem that NorCal boasts. With just an hour drive from San Francisco, Capitola is that gem and colorful is what this experience is full of. Explore this quaint Italian town that puts a smile on your face from just walking down the multi-colored streets. The vibrancy and colorful shades of buildings and shoppes truly make this town one-of-a-kind. Venture to Capitola Beach and view this beautiful city from the ocean. Grab a slice of pizza and find little treasures in a shop. Spending time with friends and making memories filled with colors is truly the end goal in this beautiful town!

Perfect For

  • Architecture of Capitola

  • Sightseeing for two

  • Sightseeing adventure with friends

Packing List

  • camera
  • comfortable shoes
  • bathing suit
  • change of clothing
  • sunscreen



  1. Drive in and prepare to see this colorful town
  2. Walk down the streets amongst the multi-colored buildings
  3. Take a picture with vibrant colors all around
  4. Have Italian food at one of the restaurants nestled in the shoppes
  5. Head to the beach to continue the views from the ocean
  6. Soak in the beauty and colors around you
  7. Find a hidden trinket to commemorate your trip to Capitola

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