A Little Hike in Little Yosemite

Fun, little hike with beautiful sights and a waterfall adventure!

It's time for a fun, little hike full of scenic trails and beautiful waterfalls at Little Yosemite in Sunol, CA. The perfect little half-day adventure that really is a hidden gem. Come hike this round trip 2.1 mile route alongside beautiful hiking and trail views. Climb granite boulders and discover the real gem that little Yosemite has to offer. Make sure your clothes can handle the waterfall because it definitely isn't a little Yosemite hike without taking a waterfall pic! Such a beautiful way to spend part of your day. A place where creeks, waterfalls, hiking, and nature all intermingle in a not so, little way! :)

Perfect For

  • Beautiful Hike

  • Hiking

  • Couple hike

  • Hike with friends

  • Personal hike

Packing List

  • water
  • sunscreen
  • backpack
  • small snacks
  • comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting wet
  • swimsuit
  • first-aid kit 



  1. Get ready for the best little hike that Little Yosemite has to offer
  2. Begin your hike and enjoy the beautiful nature sights
  3. Look for the amazing wildlife beneath the trees
  4. Climb boulders and look for the creeks
  5. Find the waterfall and TAKE THE WATERFALL PIC
  6. Enjoy the hike and the nature of Little Yosemite

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Q & A

Dogs are allowed. There is a fee for dogs. Dogs: $2 per dog. Guide/service dogs free

Rules & Safety


Parking: $5/seasonal, weekends and holidays. $4 per trailered vehicle. Buses: $25/per bus.

Dogs: $2 per dog. Guide/service dogs free