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At 500 Experiences we believe in eight values for a happy balanced life. Choose one of the goals for your next adventure.


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Deep-dive Research

We spend hours brainstorming and researching ideas. We shortlist the best-in-class experiences and pass them on to our experts.

The Expert Team

We have recruited over dozen of independent experts to help our team validate the experiences. Each expert is trained on the crucial values we are looking for in each experience.

Anonymous Validation

Once the experience is shortlisted, we send one of our experts to try and evaluate it. All checkboxes have to be crossed off to pass the validation process.

Curated Experiences

Once the experience passes all the validation stages and is approved, our team collects experts' notes, photos and videos to add it to the platform.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our dream is to create a valid list of the best 500 Experiences in the World and Each County and State. Also, 500 is a symbolic number, meaning many options, yet limited.

Not quite! Our primary focus is local audiences and experiences. 500 Experiences is a bucket list platform with the best travel and leisure activities in your area. Sure we want you to get inspired and travel, while we also want you to have a fantastic weekend getting a massage, going on a hike or skydiving!

All experiences added to the platform are not our partners, and we don't have any commercial interest. We try 3-to 5 top vendors to find the best one to recommend. No experience provider can pay to be placed on the platform.

500 Experiences partner with the non-activity business for promotion. We work with restaurants, bars, retail stores, gyms and other supporting industries. This business model allows us to evaluate experiences without commercial influence.

Currently, we are focused on building a trustworthy brand and gathering the best content for you. We conveniently provide you with links to booking pages on the vendor's website. We believe having business relationships with the vendors at this moment might cause reputation damage to the brand.
We are looking to add a booking feature for a better user experience on the platform in the future.

We are totally different! We are like Michelin Stars for Experiences. We have a team of experts that validate experiences anonymously, and only after qualifying we add them to the platform.

Research and trying experiences take time. We go through this process to guarantee the best time for you. We are constantly adding new experiences to our platform. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

Our mission is to enrich people's lives with high-quality experiences to have a life they will remember!