Walk amongst the Clouds at Dipsea Trail

Forested pathways, glittering ocean views, and a staircase to the clouds!

Last updated: May 2024



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  1. Begin at the Old Mine Trail and turn left to Dipsea Trail
  2. Marvel at the glittering Pacific Ocean 
  3. Walk through the fog and view the world 'above the clouds'
  4. Descend to the beautiful forests and woodlands
  5. Climb the steps through the steep ravine
  6. Notice the lush greenery and multiple micro-environments around you
  7. Take stunning pictures in the redwood forests 
  8. Climb the 14-rung wooden ladder 
  9. Look for mini creeks and waterfalls along the stone steps and bridges
  10. Celebrate a hike well done!



Dipsea Trail, Mill Valley, CA 94941

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Packing List

  • backpack
  • layers of clothing
  • water
  • food/snacks
  • first-aid kit
  • sunscreen
  • hiking shoes


Is there parking nearby the trail? 
Yes. Pantoll lot has $8 parking fee and overflow parking is available at the Bootjack parking lot a quarter-mile up the road ($8 parking fee).

Rules & Safety