Explore the Radiance of Russian Gulch Waterfall

Gorgeous greenery, breathtaking views, and a fairytale waterfall!

Grab your hiking shoes and prepare to explore the gorgeous Russian Gulch Waterfall Loop Trail in NorCal. This 3.8 mile loop trail is the perfect addition to any day. Be greeted by the beautiful fern walls and redwood forests that await you in this oasis of greenery. The wide open space heeds true to the peaceful surroundings that this trail has to offer. Wild mushrooms, beautiful flowers, and towering trees are just the beginning of what makes up these incredible views. Climb over the wooden bridge that leads to the breathtaking and magical waterfall; a true visual representation of earth and water colliding. 

Perfect For

  • Breathtaking forests and waterfall

  • Moderately challenging hike

  • Hiking for two

  • Group hiking adventure

  • Solo hike

Packing List

  • map
  • backpack
  • hiking shoes
  • water
  • snacks
  • sunscreen
  • first aid kit



  1. Get your hiking shoes ready for an adventure
  2. Pull out your map and head along the trail
  3. Admire the beautiful redwoods around you
  4. Listen to the peaceful sounds of nature
  5.  Be entranced by the magical waterfall amongst the trees and greenery
  6. Take pictures to documents nature's gift
  7. Congratulations on a hike well done! 

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