Horseback Riding in South Lake Tahoe

Unbelievable views and more!

This guided tour is one of the most amazing things you can do in the South Lake Tahoe area. Friendly guides, beautiful horses and stunning sceneries will deliver one of the best experiences in your life. The unique part of this is that the trail is not accessible for walking. Horseback riding is not the activity itself. It's just cool transportation that gets you to places you have never been before. Also, all tours are designed in a loop so you never see the same thing twice. Available Spring through Fall. Anytime is amazing and beautiful. It's a smooth and relaxing ride with stunning views, fresh air, a forest feel, and wildlife seeing. 

Perfect For

  • Forest reconnection

  • Horseback riding skills

  • Great date

  • Fun exploration

  • Beautiful family tour

  • Solo riding


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Yaroslav Pasichnychenko

Posted at Aug 16th 2022

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