Chase a Waterfall at Mossbrae Falls

Lush moss waterfall, tranquil streams, and railroad hikes!

A magical place where cascading waterfalls and lush, green moss intertwine.  As you descend from the train tracks, become immersed in the experience of Mossbrae Falls at its best. With its breathtaking views beside the Sacramento River and unique hiking pathway, no wonder you can only get here walking alongside an active railroad track! This 2.8-mile hike tumbles onto the wide and serenely beautiful waterfall that lends true to the Mossbrae Falls name.

Perfect For

  • Mossbrae Falls waterfall

  • Hiking

  • Mental escape

  • Hiking adventure for two

  • Hiking adventure

  • Personal hiking adventure

Packing List

  • hiking/comfortable shoes
  • water
  • backpack
  • snacks
  • camera



  1. Arrive early to capture the beauty before the morning sun
  2. Find parking near the Shasta Retreat and Dunsmuir Ave.
  3. Walk towards the bridge spanning the Sacramento River
  4. Follow the railroad tracks and observe the greenery
  5. Listen for the active train and hike accordingly
  6. Approach another bridge and look for the path to the right
  7. Follow the streams to the walls of moss and water
  8. Experience the magic of Mossbrae Falls
  9. Soak in the beauty of nature's wonderland

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Q & A

There is a shortcut from Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls. However, this shortcut is through the Sacramento River and can be a harder route to take. This shortcut features jagged rocks, slippery slopes, and ice cold waters.

The hike is 2.8 miles round-trip.

Since hiking to Mossbrae Falls is an active hike alongside an active train track, we would recommend not using headphones or having any other noise distractions.