Jump off the Bridge to Nowhere

Face your fears and become a better version of yourself!

Your Los Angeles bungee jumping adventure starts with a very cool hike along the river to the Bridge to Nowhere. Because the bridge is not an active road, it feels totally surreal like it was built perfectly for bungee jumping! You get beautiful views, fantastic nature, and adrenaline rushing through your body! Make a day out of it, jump a few times, and go on hiking again. It's an adventure you will never forget!

Perfect For

  • 5 mile hike

  • Adrenaline rush

  • Adventurous date

  • Adventure with friends

  • Becoming better yourself

Pro Tip: This location is in the top 10 places for bungee jumping in the USA. Always call to check if they operate the desired date.

Packing List

  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • lots of water
  • extra socks
  • waterproof shoes (optional)
  • lunch
  • snacks
  • towel


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Yaroslav Pasichnychenko

Posted at Aug 16th 2022


  1. book your experience online
  2. arrive at the parking lot by 7 am
  3. check-in and get a wristband
  4. meet for a group hike at 7:45 am
  5. hike 5 miles and cross river 6 times
  6. reach Bridge to Nowhere
  7. jump from the bridge
  8. hike down to the river and rest by the water
  9. enjoy your lunch
  10. hike back to the parking lot

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Q & A

Bungee America has performed over 150,000 bungee jumps and continues to proudly proclaim our impeccable safety record.

We meet at the trailhead for the Bridge to Nowhere, also known as the East Fork Parking Lot at your designated meeting time. This parking lot is located inside the Angeles National Forest, 30 minutes north of the city of Azusa, CA.

A day of bungee jumping is a full day adventure. You will meet us at the trailhead at your designated meeting time. We will then enjoy a beautiful 5-mile hike to the bridge, spend the afternoon bungee jumping, and return on the 5-mile hike back, arriving at your car between 3:00-6:00pm depending on the tour size and time of year. Guests are always free to hike back even earlier on their own once they have completed their jumps.. Contact the office for specific times depending on the season.

Their are many factors that will contribute to your return time back to your vehicle. Remember this is a full day adventure, so plan for a full day. If you have a plane to catch, or a pressing event afterwards call the office directly for exact details of the day.

Often the staff working the bridge, camp at our base camp next to the bridge. If we are camping, you are welcome to camp on our private property with us. You will need to supply all of your own camping equipment. Bring a camp stove because no camp fires are allowed. If our staff is not camping, then there is no camping permitted on our private property extending a half-mile in every direction from the bridge.

It is a 5 mile hike each way through the gorgeous Angeles National Forest. We will enjoy a 2 hour hike (at a brisk pace) to the Bridge to Nowhere as a group.

The hike is mostly over a rocky, rugged dry river bed, and we cross the San Gabriel River 6 times. Be prepared to get wet. There is approximately 900 feet elevation gain between the East Fork Parking Lot and the Bridge to Nowhere. This hike is classified as a moderate hike in many Southern California backpacking guides. Hikers of all shapes, sizes and ages make it to the bridge every weekend. You DO NOT need to be an Olympic athlete but be aware it is 2 hours of brisk walking in each direction.

No, it is impossible to drive to the Bridge as the road was washed away in 1938. The Bridge to Nowhere is located 5 miles from any road. Therefore the only way to get there is the same way thousands of other people get there every year, WALKING. This is one element that makes the Bridge to Nowhere experience so unique.

There are no opportunities to purchase food or supplies once you meet us at the Bridge to Nowhere Trailhead / Parking lot. Therefore you should bring everything you will want and need for the whole day. Important items: Backpack to carry everything, picnic lunch, snacks, and things to drink. No alcohol or glass containers. Comfortable shoes for the hike that have good traction and that you can get wet, you will cross the San Gabriel River 6 times and we DO NOT stop to change our shoes. Depending on the season you might want rain gear, a warm jacket, hats, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, dry socks and shoes, and always a change of clothes waiting for you in the car.

No food will be provided for you; therefore you are required to bring whatever food/snacks you would like for the entire day. Remember we will be in the wilderness most of the day. Pack accordingly.

Dress in layers, comfort is the key while at the bridge, if it is cold you’ll want to be warm, if it is wet you’ll want to be dry, if it is hot you’ll want to be cool. Bring all the clothes you think you will need to accomplish this. Jeans and sandals are highly discouraged on the hike. Everyone will be crossing the San Gabriel River and getting their feet wet, we recommend wearing shorts and running shoes or your favorite hiking shoes. Also bring dry clothes to wear once we arrive at the bridge. This will ensure that you and your feet enjoy the whole experience.

Thin, athletic clothing works great. Shoes or no shoes is your choice. For over 30 years all of the best photos have been taken of people wearing brightly colored clothing.

Yes, friends and family are always welcome to join us. All spectators need to be registered on our website. There is a non-refundable charge of $10 per spectator. This allows spectators to use our drinking water system, sun canopy, bathrooms and other facilities at the bridge. Remind your friends that they may have the opportunity to add on as a jumper when at the bridge if the day hasn’t sold out. There is a $20.00 late registration + package price. $10.00 spectator fee will be applied toward any bungee package. Cash only. Group discounts do not apply. No refunds will be issued for spectators.

Although, “we” are dog owners and dog lovers the answer is, No – Do Not Bring Your Dog. This trail is NOT dog friendly. It is brutal on their paws, sharp rocks, etc. We operate as an all day adventure tour which includes many people from many groups. We have had too many experiences with dog’s feet getting torn up which then becomes a huge problem that affects the entire group. If you want to take your dog on a hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, please do it some other time and not in conjunction with our bungee jumping tour. Thank you in advance.

Yes, you can upgrade your jump package while at the bridge. You will pay the difference in the package price plus a $20 upgrade fee. Group discounts will not apply to upgrades or add-ons. Upgrades are allowed based on the availability of the day, contact the office for complete details, or talk to your staff.

No, you cannot jump together. This safety rule prevents the possibility of two jumpers hitting their heads together.

Bungee America does not currently provide professional photography, but you are welcome to bring your own cameras/Go-pros. All photos and videos are for personal use only and not for re-broadcast without prior written approval from Bungee America.

You are welcome to bring your Go-Pro camera and appropriate mounts. Cameras may not be hand-held. The Jump Master has the final decision whether you can jump with your camera. We are not responsible for property damage or personal injury as a result of jumping with your camera. Don’t forget a protective/waterproof case, you will be hiking 5 miles and crossing a river 6 times.

Bungee America has a maximum 265 lb weight limit. Over 265 lbs permitted by special arrangement. Contact Bungee America for details. Bungee America has an 90 lb minimum weight limit.

To begin your career as a bungee jumper you need to be at least 12 years of age and weigh at least 90 lbs. We have no maximum age limit; however the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere is a rocky, rugged 10 mile (round trip) hike that crosses a river 12 times. If you have any doubts of your ability to make the hike we recommend the following: Walk 5 miles in 2 hours, stop at a local restaurant and have lunch and take a rest for a few hours, then return 5 miles in 2 hours. If you can accomplish this, you may very well be able to handle the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere.

The minimum age for bungee jumping is 12 years old although there is no minimum age for the hike. Be Advised: The hike to the Bridge to Nowhere is a rocky, rugged 10 mile round trip hike that crosses a river 12 times at a brisk pace and may not be appropriate for younger children. We operate as an all day adventure tour which includes many people from many groups and anyone struggling to keep up affects the entire group. You should contact Bungee America to discuss any children under 12 years of age.

Rules & Safety

Bungee America schedules adventures to the Bridge to Nowhere every Saturday & Sunday all year long. Click Book Now to schedule your next adventure. Reservations can be made anytime. The days on the calendar that are highlighted green are available. The days on the calendar that are highlighted red are either sold out or currently not available.


$110 the first jump + $50 additional jump