Hike Mount Lowe to a Secret Swing

Rock tunnel, secret swing and stunning panoramic views!




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  1. Park on either side of Mt. Wilson Red Box Road. 
  2. Display your Adventure Parking Pass.
  3. The trailhead is located on the bottom corner of the parking area on the west side.
  4. Pass through the tunnel and continue on Mount Lowe Road.
  5. Once you reach a spot with trails intersecting, stay to the left.
  6. When the West trail connects with the East trail, you can turn right and climb a short, moderately steep trail directly to the summit or continue straight through the trail junction on a slightly longer, but much easier grade circling around to the south side of the summit.
  7. Congratulations! You've reached the summit of Mount Lowe!



Eaton Saddle Mt. Wilson Red Box Road Angeles National Forest Los Angeles, CA

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Packing List

  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • water
  • snack and food
  • trashbag 
  • hiking shoes
  • layers
  • sunglasses
  • flashlight for post sunset times
  • Adventure Parking Pass (can be purchased at stores like REI and Big 5)
  • hammock/swing (to make sure you will take that photo)

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