Stearman Biplane Wing Walking Mastery in Ventura

Join the elite ranks of wing walkers with our full-day, hands-on training on a classic Stearman biplane, offering an unmatched aerial adventure.

Last updated: Apr 2024

    $850 for an introductory course, $1250 for a full course


    77 Miles from you


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  1. Arrive at Santa Paula Airport for an early morning start.
  2. Engage in several hours of ground training.
  3. Practice climbs on the Stearman biplane with a safety harness.
  4. Enjoy your first wing walk, performing aerobatics at 3500 feet.
  5. Conclude with a gentle flight allowing you to savor the views.



Santa Paula Airport Santa Paula CA. 93060

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Packing List

  • Comfortable, fitted clothing that can handle wind
  • Narrow shoes for better foot grip
  • Light layers for changing weather
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses for UV protection