Learn to Surf with Kapowui Surf Club

The ultimate surfing experience in LA!

Embrace your Aloha spirit and come to Santa Monica for your surfing lesson with Kapowui Surf Club. These guys are conveniently located on the beach parking lot. Just look for a bright VW Bus and a bunch of surf boards. All instructors are experienced surfers that live and dream surfing. They are excited to share their culture with you and they know how to teach. You will catch your first wave on the very first lesson and will never be able to stop loving it! This is a real escape from busy LA to a very chill beach vibe with all the Kapowui team. Also, there is a MEGALODON TOUR available every Sunday 7-8:30 AM. It's basically a huge surfboard for up to 10 adults where everybody paddles the board and you all surf big waves on it! Super fun adventure! 

Perfect For

  • Active time surfing

  • Get crushed by the waves

  • Learn surfing

  • Group class with friends

  • Personal lesson

Kapowui, was awarded best surf school in Venice beach for the last 7 years in a row!

Packing List

  • Sunscreen (if you forget, just ask for some)
  • Waterbottle
  • Swimwear
  • Towel
  • ID (for rental)



  1. Make a reservation
  2. Arrive on time or earlier
  3. Check-in with the team
  4. Get your rental gear
  5. Enjoy surfing

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Q & A

Kapowui is a mobile service. We have multiple permited locations. However we park at 2701 Barnard Way, Santa Monica CA 90405, in Parking lot #5 south. We get there as soon as the gate opens every morning so we can park in the 1st space that is most visible from the board walk. You Can't miss us. Look for 1 or more of our 5 classic VW vans in the parking lot. There is also parking at 300 Ocean Front Walk Venice beach CA 90291. This address is a parking lot on the boarder of Venice and Santa Monica.


yes, however the pubic bathrooms are unsanitary, i suggest wearing your swim suit to the beach or you can change in the parking lot. yes, there are showers and bathrooms at the beach. yes. we put all of your stuff in one of our vans and lock it up. there will always be someone is manning the van. we have never had anything go missing in 10 years of being in business.

it all depends if a group will let you join them. if so we will put you in. during the summer months it really easy for us to add you to a group but in the off season it's difficult. the weekends are the busiest and will be you best chance to join a group.

there are many reasons 1, even though all of our instructors are professional surf instructors and long time surfers, martin personally trains each instuctor and they are constanly assessed. if they do not consistantly give 100% they are let go. 2, our loctaion is a hidden gem. away from all major freeways and parking lots. this beach is never over crowded like other locations in santa monica and venice. and the sandy bottoms beach is safest for lessons. 3, kapowui has been awarded the best surf school in los angelses the last 3 years in a row. 4, as far as surf lessons go we are the icon of venice beach if not southern california. our price are below industray standards even though we are the best. 5, all of our equipment is new. you will never be issued a worn out wet suit or beat up board. we constantly buy new equipment and rotate it in our stock. 6, we are licensed, permitted, and insured by the city of los angeles. very important you check this when shopping around for surf schools. 7,we have a 99.9% success rate, you will be surfing your first lessson or your next lesson is free.

100% refund with 24 hour notice. if the weather is to bad, ie, thunder storms, raining really hard, the waves are to big, or to small we will call you to rescheadule or cancel. if we cancel due to weather you get 100% refund. if it's raining but not hard your lesson will proceed as planned.

actually our prices are below industry norms. and you are buying a skill and a memory you will have for the rest of your life. fact-kapowui pays it's instructors more than any other surf lesson company. we only hire professionals and demand the most from them. we buy 10's of thousands of dollars in new wet suits and boards every year so you only get the safest best equipment for your lesson. . the city get's 15% beach use fee, taxes 25% instructor pay 30%, cc fee 3%, business expences 10%, owner 7% . you can spend more on lunch and forget about your meal 1 minute after you walk away from the table. you will be surfing durring your lesson guaranteed.

We provide surfboards and wet suits. We use 8 ft and 9 ft foam boards, which are safe and stable for beginners . We provide full wet suits to be worn during the lessons, which are not necessary during the warm summer months.

All you need to bring is a , bathing suit, towel, and sunscreen. Water is recommended to stay hydrated throughout the lesson. If you have your own surfboard or wet suit that you would like to use, you can, but the instructor will determine if it is safe and conducive for a good lesson when you meet.

Arriving 5 minutes early is suggested however due to the nightmare that is LA traffic and parking we suggest you plan on getting to the beach 30 minutes early. You can expect to meet your surf instructor in the parking lot right on time when the lesson begins, and finish the lesson saying goodbye to the instructor.

Usually the mornings are best to surf because of the crowd and wind. The wind usually comes up in the afternoon and makes the conditions bumpier. However, it is best to learn to surf on a lower tide for most breaks, which might be in the afternoon. You can surf at any time of day in Southern California and still have a great time. But, we can look at the surf report and help you pick the most optimal time to surf if you are flexible.

We teach kids and adults of all ages to surf! We have teach from 6 years old up to 70. For young children, it is up to the parents to decide if they are ready. All instructors have been trained to teach young kids; they stay very close to shore and hold on to the board at all times so if the child falls off, the instructor is right there to help him/her back onto the surfboard. The instructor caters the surf lesson to the comfort and skill level of the client.

Being able to swim is preferable, but is not required. The instructor will cater the surf lesson to the skill and comfort level of the client. If you don’t know how to swim, the instructor will be sure to hold onto you and the surfboard the entire time, and never take you out further than where you would be able to stand.

Disposable contacts are recommended to be worn in the ocean. Glasses will not stay on during the lesson.

We have both male and female instructors and you can request which one you prefer, but this is based on availability. Please know that all instructors are trained the same and are equally great for all ages and genders!

We offer discounts when you purchase multiple lessons, starting at three lessons. If you only purchase one lesson, but then decide you want to surf with us again, we can upgrade you to one of our package deals so you will still receive the discount.


Everyone is different. It depends on you athleticism, your aptitude, fitness level, and the surf conditions. During your first surf lesson, you will learn the skills needed to stand up on the surfboard. Some people stand up from first way to last wave, others get up only 1 or 2 times. Everyone is different. The waves play a major factor – the ocean is always changing; sometimes the waves will make it either easier or more difficult to stand up. While getting to your feet is a major goal, that is not what learning to surf is all about!! You will learn a lot about the sport of surfing, the waves and the ocean, and will walk away having had an awesome and adventurous experience and for some, a spiritual awakening.

Kapowui gives you the opportunity to learn to surf all year round, however, there is a slight chance it could rain during your lesson. The rain often brings the best conditions: offshore wind, glassy water, and less crowd! We still hold our lessons during the rain- you’re getting wet anyway! We conduct all scheduled lessons regardless of surf or weather conditions unless it's unsafe. What if my lesson is scheduled during rainy weather? Kapowui gives you the opportunity to learn to surf all year round, how ever there is a slight chance it could rain during your lesson. The rain often brings the best conditions: offshore wind, glassy water, and less crowd! We still hold our lessons during the rain- you’re getting wet anyway! We conduct all scheduled lessons regardless of surf or weather conditions unless it's unsafe.


$25/hour (board+wetsuit rental); $90/hour (private class with all gear)