Hike Secret Beachwood Stairs

Quiet neighborhood, excellent workout and beautiful view!

Beachwood is a lovely and quiet neighborhood near Hollywood Sign. Get here early in the morning and enjoy peaceful vibes. You will hear your footsteps and the environment will make you whisper. Beachwood Canyon Stairs is a two-mile loop hike in the heart of the residential area. There are hundreds of stairs to go up and down during this trail. Between each set of stairs, you can enjoy unique residential houses and stunning LA views. After the hike, you can grab a coffee and breakfast at Beachwood Cafe, which is located conveniently on the bottom of the route.

Perfect For

  • Peaceful city hike

  • Lots of stairs

  • Personal getaway

Packing List

  • water
  • hat
  • glasses


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Yaroslav Pasichnychenko

Posted at Aug 16th 2022


  1. Arrive and park by Beachwood Cafe
  2. Find the first set of stairs on your right between houses 2800&2810
  3. At the top keep right and at the split stay right on Westhire Dr.
  4. Keep on this road until you find the next set of stairs on your left between houses 2748&2744
  5. At the top keep left on Hollyridge Dr.
  6. At the split keep right on Hollyridge Dr. and keep going straight
  7. Find the next set of stairs down on your left between houses 3057&3065
  8. Once you are back on Beachwood Dr. go left
  9. Keep going straight and turn right on Woodshire Dr.
  10. At the split, keep right and go up
  11. At the top keep left
  12. The next set of stairs will be on your right between houses 2917&6495
  13. At the top keep left on Durant Dr.
  14. Sharp turn left to Flagmoor Pl.
  15. Keep straight until the next set of stairs down on Belden Dr. between houses 2950&2960
  16. Keep left and finish at Beachwood Dr.

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