Learn to fly with Santa Monica Flyers

Become a pilot and fly an airplane!

You will be taught how to fly by a certified flight instructor (CFI). First of all, you will attend a one-hour grounded lesson where you will learn basic aerodynamics. After that, you will go with your CFI flying for 45 minutes. You might even get to take over the aircraft for a few moments if you get the basics. It's an absolutely insane experience! A must-do in a lifetime!

Perfect For

  • Excitement of flying

  • Learn how to fly an airplane

  • Yourself


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Meg “Seoul_Shaker” Bazan
6 months ago
Chelsea Audibert
a year ago
Omar Al-Louzi
9 months ago
Tim Santos
a year ago
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3 months ago


$199 (1 person); $250-350 (1-2 people)