Yacht Tub Rentals: Floating Spa on the Willamette River

Relax in a heated Yacht Tub on the Willamette River with friends, featuring fresh water, a Bluetooth stereo, and stunning Portland views.

Last updated: May 2024

    $399 for a 2-hour rental for up to 6 people; additional charges for special events


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  1. Arrive at Riverplace Marina, Portland.
  2. Check-in and receive a brief orientation.
  3. Board your Yacht Tub and set sail using the easy joystick controls.
  4. Enjoy a two-hour soak with music and scenic views.
  5. Return to Riverplace Marina at the end of your rental.



315 S Montgomery St #140, Portland, OR 97201

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Packing List

  • Comfortable swimwear
  • Sunglasses and hat for sun protection
  • Sunscreen
  • Towels (available for rent)
  • Water bottles

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