ATV's dune riding in Grover Beach

Complete off-road experience!

Escape for a day to Grover Beach and spend a few hours riding ATVs on dunes. This location gets you wild landscapes as well as access to the beach! You will feel so free and careless while riding these beasts that you will be back sooner than you think to experience this again! There are no roads, no routes, and no rules. Feel yourself and let your inner animal loose! BJ's ATV Rentals offers a great ATV selection to ride dunes on Grover Beach. Spend the whole day outdoors, enjoy the beach after your ATV riding experience and maybe have a little bonfire.

Perfect For

  • ATV riding on dunes

  • Extreme date

  • Fun time with friends

  • Family fun with kids ATVs

  • Solo riding

Pro Tip: Get individual ATVs

Packing List

  • close-toed shoes
  • backpack to keep car keys, phones, etc
  • face mask (bandana) to cover your mouth and nose from sand
  • sunglasses
  • long pants
  • sunscreen



  1. Make a reservation online
  2. Arrive at the location and find parking (look for signs to avoid tickets)
  3. Check-in with BJ's Staff 
  4. Get in one of the transportation vans to get to the dunes
  5. Get your gear and ATV
  6. Have fun!

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Q & A

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Saturday - Sunday


Yes, with a $10 deposit you can get goggles, however, regular sunglasses will do just fine

Yes, it is safe if you follow the rules

Yes, there are kids ATV's available for rent

Rules & Safety


  • No riding NORTH of Pole 2.
  • Stay away from the fence line. Most accidents occur from straying too close to the fences.
  • The speed limit is 15 mph from back of camp sites to the water. Helmets with chin straps must be worn at all times. This is a state law.
  • No riding double on the ATVs. This is a state law.
  • Do not tow other bikes or have them tow you. Your contract can be pulled and no refund given for lost time.
  • In case of a breakdown or an accident, send someone back to Pole 2 or tell a Ranger. There is also an emergency phone between Pole 4 and Pole 5. Don’t leave a disabled ATV at any time.
  • Time lost due to mechanical failure will be credited to the disabled vehicle only.
  • No credit for early returns.
  • No refunds if it starts to rain.
  • No alcohol or drugs consumed before or during riding.
  • Only riders who have signed the release can ride the ATVs. No sharing. Riders caught sharing will forfeit remaining time.
  • ATVs rented for over 2 hours must return the Pole 2 for refueling every 2 hours.
  • Watch out for drifts and sandbowls. Drop-offs can be as much as 80’. Stop at the top of the dune and look before continuing on the other side.
  • Watch out for other riders and vehicles.
  • Ride at your own skill level. Don’t push your limit. Riding unlawfully or breaking the rules can lead to accidents.
  • Anyone not following the rules, caught speeding or riding without a helmet will be escorted back to Pole 2 and the remainder of your riding time forfeited.
  • You must be 18 or older to sign your own contract.
  • Anyone under 18 must have an adult over 18 sign the contract and ride along with you at all times. Someone in the group should have a cellphone for emergency or breakdown purposes


$75 - one hour, $120 - two hours