Verde Canyon Railroad Scenic Adventure

Journey through the heart of Arizona's red rock country on the Verde Canyon Railroad, where history, nature, and luxury converge for a memorable adventure.

Last updated: May 2024

    $109-$119 for regular rides, with special options like Engineer for a Day at $350 and Caboose Charter starting at $900


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  1. Depart from Clarkdale, immersing yourself in the depot's historical ambiance
  2. Choose between the nostalgic charm of First Class or the traditional Coach experience
  3. Engage with the breathtaking scenery from the open-air viewing car
  4. Witness the engineering marvel as the locomotive transitions at Perkinsville for the return journey
  5. Conclude the adventure by relaxing and reminiscing about the journey's highlights



300 N Broadway, Clarkdale, AZ 86324

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Packing List

  • Weather-appropriate clothing for comfort in both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Camera to capture the stunning landscapes and possibly wildlife
  • Sun protection (sunglasses, hat, sunscreen) for time spent in open-air cars
  • Binoculars to enhance your view of distant features and wildlife

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