RiSE Festival Mojave Desert

Launching lanterns into the sky in the middle of the desert

The RiSE Festival begins in mid-afternoon, offering live music and performances on the stage, as well as excellent food and drinks to socialize and connect. Every attendee receives two sky lanterns, a marker, and a ground mat to sit on. Use your marker to write anything you desire on your lanterns and connect with the moment. When the sun goes down, people prepare their lanterns and, at a certain time, let them go to the amazing music that just adds to the moment. Thousands of lanterns rise simultaneously and create an unforgettable experience of your lifetime! 

Perfect For

  • Chill music and sky lantern launching

  • Launch sky lanterns together

  • Music festival in the desert and lantern launching

  • Launch lanterns with kids

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wish for it ✨ want it 🕯let it come from a place of true intention for you 🌙 and then let it go ... #fyp #risefestival #manifestation #travel

♬ YaYaYa - RY X

Packing List

  • boots
  • hat
  • layers
  • sunglasses 
  • waterbottle
  • small bag size snack


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Yaroslav Pasichnychenko

Posted at Aug 16th 2022


  1. Arrive between 3-4 pm
  2. Enjoy energetic music, drinks, food, art and connecting with other
  3. At sunset use markers to write on your lanterns
  4. Follow the host's guide for launching the lanterns
  5. Enjoy the beautiful moment
  6. Leave 9-10 pm 

Q & A

Yes! You can now reserve your tickets for RiSE Festival for only $29 per ticket, plus a $10 financing fee. This will reserve your spot prior to the event selling out. The down payment and all of the processing fees are collected upfront then, on the 15th of the following month, only the remaining balance of the ticket will be charged to your credit card. Please note that the full price of transportation and additional purchase options will be charged upfront, but you can always opt to add those items at a later date if that is easier for you.

Each ticket comes with 2 lanterns, a marker for your lantern, and a sitting mat. You will pick up your participant kit right after you enter the ticket gates. Each person entering the festival is required to have their own ticket.

Yes. But with any open flame, there is a possibility to burn yourself if you aren’t careful when lighting and releasing your lanterns.

The lanterns are 100% biodegradable. We will recover 100% of the lanterns plus any additional litter we find in the landing area as part of our commitment to leaving the area better than we found it.

Extra lanterns can be purchased at registration for $12 and at the venue for $15 while supplies last. Please be aware that for safety and environmental reasons lanterns can not be taken home.

Absolutely. RiSE becomes more meaningful when you make your lanterns personal. Inscribe them with a message, prayer, or resolution. We’ll provide you with the right type of markers that won't damaged in the process.

Yes, but you’ll need to be friendly and recruit someone sitting near you to help. The lanterns require 2-3 people to launch.

We currently do not allow camping at the event, but we are working towards the addition of a luxury camp as part of the event. Details will be added as they are available.

No animals are allowed except for service animals that come with the proper identification and paperwork.

If there is rain or sustained winds over 10 mph, the lantern release may be delayed and possibly cancelled. In the event that we have to cancel the event before opening the gates, participants will be refunded for the tickets (less ticketing and processing fees). If we are unable to release the sky lanterns, participants will receive a 50% refund of the ticket price (less ticketing and processing fees). Please note that we are not able to provide any refunds for tickets that are purchased from 3rd party resellers. If you choose, you can also purchase weather cancellation protection which will ensure you get a full refund of your ticket (less fees) if the event is cancelled.

We do not allow any blankets, chairs, coolers, strollers, tripods, wagons, pillows, umbrellas. These items are tripping and fire hazards. Drones, large cameras (anything larger than a digital SLR) and outside food or drinks are not allowed except for bottled water. You may bring small bags and backpacks but all will be searched upon check-in for any drugs, alcohol, vapes of any kind, outside food or beverage, weapons or any other hazardous or prohibited items. Please keep in mind that RiSE is held on federal land, therefore federal drug and alcohol laws apply at the venue.

Outside water is permitted. You are also permitted to bring in small snacks that can fit in a small bag. Coolers and large bags are not permitted. No alcoholic beverages will be permitted from outside of the venue. Food and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at the venue.

Because the event is held in the middle of the desert, there isn't a physical address. However, you can follow these instructions to get to the event: If approaching from the South on I-15 (i.e. coming from California), take exit 12 for Jean Goodsprings and follow signage and traffic management to Jean Dry Lakebed. If approaching from the North on I-15 (i.e. coming from downtown Las Vegas), take exit 25 for Sloan and follow signage and traffic management to Jean Dry Lakebed.

Because of the remote location of the event, Ubers, Lyfts or rideshares of any type are not allowed. Please purchase parking or a shuttle pass.

Rules & Safety

This year we will be requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken up to 72 hours prior to entry.  We will accept a physical copy or photo of your covid test or vaccination card along with a matching ID (kids are not required to show ID). Please remember that data service is unreliable on-site so digital proof needs to be stored to your phones physical hard drive.