Sustainable Peace at The Japanese Garden

Alluring botanical garden, relaxing water garden oasis, and a spiritual tea garden!

Unwind and take a stroll to the spiritual garden oasis at The Japanese Garden in LA. This 6 1/2 acre garden features three gorgeous gardens in one and is truly a hidden, modern beauty. Achieve your best zen self as you walk through Tortoise Island; a magical and dry Zen meditation garden that symbolizes longevity. Continue along the path to the expansive Chisen, "wet-strolling" part of the gardens. Here is where the real magical waters and lush beauties exist. Discover the waterfalls, lakes, and streams from the different vistas of the garden. Pay attention to the amazing stone lanterns that were hand-carved by Japanese artisans! Follow the bamboo and purify yourself before entering the tranquil tea garden. Let's not forget one of the coolest features of this garden: SUSTAINABILITY! The garden's purpose was to demonstrate the positive use of reclaimed water in the most delicate of environments and the results are in the proof. A garden of water and fragrance that leads us to a world free of distraction to just focus on the simplicity of beauty in both nature and life. A much-needed authentic release! 

Perfect For

  • Beautiful Garden

  • Peaceful walk and meditation opportunity

  • Japanese garden date for two

  • Personal garden date

Packing List

  • water

Location & Hours

Mon10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Tue10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Wed10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Thu10:00 AM - 3:30 PM


  1. Leave the world outside and enter The Japanese Garden
  2. Enter the dry meditation garden; Tortoise Island
  3. Experience the meaning of everlasting happiness at the Three-Buddha stone arrangement
  4. Wet-stroll through the gorgeous gardens of waterfalls, lakes, and streams
  5. Smell the fragrance of lilies and lotus flowers in bloom
  6. Walk over the bridges and look for the hidden symbolism in the garden
  7. Purify yourself and enter the tea house overlooking the lake

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Q & A

No food or drink (other than water) are allowed. Drinking fountains are not available, please bring water with you to the site.

Admission is free and by reservation only.

In case of significant rain within 24 hours of your scheduled visit time, The Garden is closed. You should contact The Garden the day of your visit if rain occurs to verify.

Rules & Safety

When booking reservations for The Japanese Garden, visitors are permitted to book ONE time slot per day, and ONE ticket per person, with a maximum of five tickets per group. Failure to follow the above rules could result in all tickets reserved by the individual to be deemed void and canceled.

The one (1) hour time slots are strictly enforced and access will not be granted more than forty-five minutes past the beginning of your assigned hour.  Each group must exit the garden before their hour expires, so that we can permit the next hour’s group to enter.

We are closed on all City of Los Angeles Holidays and within 24 hours of rain.