Scenic Biking at Bayshore Bikeway

Beautiful views, sight seeing and amazing nature!

Take a challenge and complete an amazing Bayshore Bikeway path in San Diego. It is a 24-mile route with lots of sightseeing. Start your journey in Downtown San Diego and go all the way around the bay to Coronado Ferry Landing. On your way, you will see the San Diego skyline, Navy bases, Coronado Bay Bridge, South Bay and National Wildlife Refuges. There are tons of stops and rest areas along the way. Once you reach the end you can take a Ferry Back. You can start your trail in Downtown or in Coronado. Make it an all-day adventure and explore San Diego like never before!

You can rent a bike at any Downtown or Coronado rental shop. 

Perfect For

  • 24-mile biking

  • Couples adventure

  • Group Challenge

  • Solo Adventure

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Packing List

  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Lots of water
  • Speaker (if you want music)
  • Snacks (optional)



  1. Rent your bike (or bring your own)
  2. Start the trail in Downtown San Diego (or at Coronado Ferry Landing)
  3. Follow the trail around the San Diego Bay
  4. Stop to capture amazing views and watch wildlife
  5. Stop for a picnic or grab food at one of the local restaurants
  6. Take a ferry back to your start point


Free (your bike); $32-75 (all-day bike rental)