Rope Down to Cooper Canyon Falls

Bubbling streams, majestic trees, and rope climbing to the falls!

Come and take a hike to a secret waterfall here at Cooper Canyon Falls! You will be roped in from the start! This 6.2 mile loop takes you on a serene and peaceful walking trail where you get a chance to bask in the beauty of nature. Listen to the bubbling creeks and streams throughout your entire hike. The soothing sounds of birds humming combined with the beautiful pines and cedar tree forests helps add to the hiking ambiance. You'll also see Mt. Williamson looming in the distance.The "secret" hidden treasure in this hike is accessible right after you cross the Cooper Canyon creek. This is where the rope comes in! Grab ahold of the rope and scale down to see the the reason behind the name; the cascading waterfall known as Cooper Canyon Falls!

Perfect For

  • Waterfall hike

  • Moderate hike

  • Hiking adventure for two

  • Group hike

  • Personal hike

Packing List

  • extra layer of clothing
  • towels
  • gloves
  • hiking shoes
  • backpack
  • snacks
  • water
  • sunscreen


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Artemiy Erokhin

Posted at Jul 23rd 2022


  1. Park at the trailhead parking lot near Burkhart Trail
  2. Begin your beautiful hike through the Pacific Crest Trail
  3. Look at the different species of birds in the trees
  4. Cross the Cooper Canyon creek and look to your left 
  5. Grab the rope to make it down to the gorgeous pool and waterfall
  6. Have a quick lunch while enjoying Mount Williamson's background views
  7. Head back home with another item checked off your LA bucket list

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Q & A

All times are the best time to visit. Cooper Canyon Falls roars in the springtime!