Ride through paradise in Huntington Beach

Enjoy one of the most scenic trails in California with an ocean breeze!

Spend half or the whole day at Huntington Beach riding a bike or rollerblading through some of the best views in California. It's an excellent workout, meditation, and a fantastic exploration adventure. Huntington offers 12 miles of a smooth path, which leads to 24 miles roundtrip workout!

A few rental shops along the way:

  1. Beach and Bikes (start and end point)
  2. Rays Rentals (half point)
  3. Wheel Fun Rentals (half point)

Perfect For

  • Intense workout

  • Cool date

  • Adventure with friends

  • Active family day

  • Enjoying yourself

Packing List

  • Water
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Glasses
  • Speaker for good vibes



  1. Bring your own or rent a bike
  2. Get on the trail. We recommend starting at the end in Downtown Newport Beach
  3. Ride all day, stop at the beach to rest, explore small neighborhoods 
  4. Return your bike to the rental
  5. Finish your day with a gorgeous sunset


FREE; $8/hour $25/day (rental)