Relax in a Hot Tub on Mission Bay San Diego

Enjoy beautiful waters, have fun with friends and soak in a hot tub!

Enjoy a perfect day on the Mission Bay waters with friends in San Diego with Hot Tub Cruisin! It is such a fun experience. Grab your friends, rent a boat and start your adventure. Hot Tub Cruisin staff will show you how to operate the boat and instruct you on safety. After that, connect to boat speakers, play your favorite music and start your party! Jump into the salty ocean waters to cool off and then get into the hot tub to soak and relax. With your friends around, music, and outdoor vibes, you really feel like it is summer! 

Perfect For

  • Party time with friends

Packing List

  • beach day packing
  • sunscreen
  • swimsuit
  • drinks



$450-500 (two hour cruise)