Visit Pioneertown near Joshua Tree

Feel like a western movie character!

Pioneertown is a mix of a movie set and a real town with locals. Its western vibe and local culture take this place the whole another level. You dive into this atmosphere and fall in love. You can visit any day; however, we recommend visiting during events and festivals. The whole town becomes one huge decoration to the event and blows your mind away. You can spend the entire day here just exploring the city, enjoying nature, eating authentic food, absorbing the history, and even staying overnight.

  • Fun date

  • Exploration time with friends

Pro Tip: Check the calendar for themed festivals, events, and live concerts at Pappy & Harriet's. It will upgrade your Pioneertown experience.


Town Map

  1.  Site of the Studd Valley Trailer Park, Pioneertown’s First Well & the “Laun-dromat Laundry Facilities"  (Private Residence)
  2. Original site of the old Pioneertown School House
  3. Pioneertown’s O.K. Corral
  4. Site of Minna Gombell’s Home  (Private Property)
  5. Site of Maggie’s Feed Barn
  6. White’s Grocery, formerly White’s Hardware  (Private Property)
  7. Site of Nell’s Ice Cream Palace
  8. Site of The Chuckwagon Cafe
  9. The Sheriff’s Office, original site of The Frosted Pantry  (Private Property)
  10. Pioneertown Post Office & site of a California Historical Marker, originally Marble’s Electronics
  11. Roy Rogers’ Old Property  (Private Property)
  12. Site of The Gem Trader, The Toll Mine & The Wooden Indian  (Private Residence)
  13. The Church in Pioneertown, originally Althoof’s Furniture Store
  14. The Open Air Dance Floor
  15. The Rock Watering Trough that originally sat in the center of Mane Street
  16. Barber Shop & Beauty Corral with Cecil the Barber  (Private Residence)
  17. Site of The Ole’s Barbeque Corral  (Private Property)
  18. The Red Dog Saloon  (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!)
  19. Site of The Grubstake CafĂ©  (Private Property)
  20. The Pioneertown Gazette  (Private Residence)
  21. Dale Evans’ Old Property  (Private Property)
  22. Old Home of Tommy Thompson and Cactus Kate as well as Buzz Gamble  (Private Property)
  23. The Pioneertown Generator House  (Campground Host)
  24. The Pioneertown Corrals Campground  (Open 365 Days A Year)
  25. The Pioneertown General Store inside the Saddlery, originally The Pioneertown Land Office
  26. Arrow & Bear, Originally Pioneertown Duds & Saddlery and then Pioneertown’s Second Post Office
  27. Fun False Fronts that were added to Mane Street in 1998-1999
  28. Baldwin Mining Corporation, Originally Pioneertown Photos  (Private Residence)
  29. The Soap Goats Shop, Originally a Mane Street Utility Shed
  30. Pioneertown Pottery, originally The Pioneertown Nickelodeon
  31. The Pioneertown Land Office & home of artist Jessie Keylon  (Added to Mane Street in 2o15)
  32. The Pioneertown Bell House  (Added to Mane Street in 2o15)
  33. The General Mercantile Shop  (Added to Mane Street in 1999)
  34. The Pioneertown Film Museum aka The Kester Trading Post
  35. The Pioneertown Sound Stage, originally The Silver Dollar
  36. Trigger Bill’s Shooting Gallery  (Currently Closed)
  37. Pioneer Bowl  (Currently Closed to the Public)
  38. The Likker Barn, originally Pioneertown Likker, then The Golden Nugget Coffee Shop & The Pioneertown Visitor Center (Currently Closed)
  39. The Marshall’s Office, originally Carol Burgess’ Gift Shop  (Closed to the Public)
  40. The Klip n’ Kurl Hair Saloon & the Office of Dr. R. E. Guenther, D.C.  (Private Residence)
  41. Pioneertown Public Parking
  42. The Pioneertown Motel, originally The Pioneer Townhouse, then The Golden Stallion Lodge
  43. Site of The Golden Stallion Restaurant  (Burned down in 1966)
  44. Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace, formerly the Cantina and originally the Pioneertown Service Station & Pony Express  (Open Thursday-Monday)
  45. Site of Pioneertown’s Second Landing Strip  (Private Property)
  46. The Desert Willow Ranch and home of the Wild West Stunt Show
  47. Historic Hayden Ranch  (Private Property)
  48. Pioneertown Mountains & Pipes Canyon Preserve  (Open Daily From Dawn Till Dusk)
  49. Rimrock Ranch, originally The Rimrock Motel5o. The Pioneer Pass  (Back Road to Big Bear)