Off-road adventure

Become a Jeep owner for a day and go on an off-road adventure!

On this guided tour, you are going through some of the most scenic spots in Holcomb Valley. It's a real adventure where you communicate with the rest of the crew through a radio, have open excess to all nature, and face different off-road challenges. Once you face a major obstacle on the road, the guide will show you how to do it and even coach you through some of the most dangerous parts. You are the driver at all times, and you are the hero of this adventure.

  • Extreme driving

  • Off-road skills

  • Extreme date

  • Fun time with friends

  • Solo driving

Pro Tip: There are a few off-road experiences to choose from. You can get started with the Gold Fever Trail for just $199 per Jeep!


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2 months ago
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9 months ago
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5 months ago

$199-599 (Depends on Difficulty of the trail)