Have a Perfect Beach Day at Thousand Steps Beach

Crystal clear waters, gorgeous beaches, caves, secret pools and amazing nature!

Experience one of the best beaches in SoCal - Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna Beach. This beach is considered hidden; however, it's very accessible. Work your way down through 200 steps and a gorgeous beach will be uncovered in front of you. Nature feels untouched and pure. Water is crystal clear and super salty. You will have a blast playing with ocean waves and strolling the beach. You have to go left once you hit the beach to find secret pools. Go through the cave, climb a few rocks and soon after, you will be at the pools! Spend the whole day at Thousand Steps Beach, bring food and drinks, explore the pools and the cave, swim and tan! 

  • Beautiful Beach

  • Relaxing and tanning

  • Beach date

  • Beach day with friends

Crystal Clear Water. Perfect for Snorkeling!

Packing List

  • swimsuit
  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • sunglasses
  • towel
  • beach blanket
  • beach chairs (optional)
  • water shoes (optional)
  • cooler with food and drinks
  • trashbag



  1. Park near 9th Ave Laguna Beach
  2. Find Thousand Steps entrance
  3. Go down the stairs
  4. Turn left once you hit the beach
  5. Go through the cave
  6. Climb the rocks in front of you
  7. Bend the rocks on the top
  8. Go down to the beach on the other side
  9. Cross the beach to the trail to the pools
  10. You made it! 

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