Explore the Field of Lights in Sensorio Paso Robles

Wine, live music and thousands of lights!

Come for the wine. Stay for the 58,800-plus technicolor flowers. Arrive before sunset, grab some food, enjoy some live music and find a seat to watch the sunset over the golden hills. Once the sun is down, wander among thousands of lights and detach yourself from this world. You can for sure spend here a few hours exploring the field, listening to local musicians that perform daily, drinking local wine and chilling to the sound of crickets!

  • Beautiful visual art

  • Cute date

  • Magical adventure


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Field of Light60 reviews
Lara Mays
3 weeks ago
Cara AnnMarie
4 months ago
Harpreet Kaur
11 months ago
Rohan Sasan
a month ago
J Rae So
6 months ago

Starting at $30/person