Discover Hidden Oasis in Murray Canyon

Desert, palm trees, creek and waterfalls!

Murray Canyon Trail to Seven Falls is a gorgeous 3.7-mile out & back hike near Palm Springs. This trail feels like a magical oasis with its own nature and vibe. Get lost between palm trees and chill out by the creek. Explore the waterfall that feels absolutely unreal in oasis environment. Chill in a shady spot and soak all that desert energy. Lots of photo opportunities! 

  • Oasis nature

  • Desert hike

  • Hike date

  • Outdoors with friends

  • Solo hiking

Rated best hike in SoCal!

Packing List

  • hat
  • waterbottle
  • sunscreen
  • swimwear (if plan on getting wet)
  • snacks and food
  • trashbag
  • hiking shoes


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Rules & Safety

  1. No fires.
  2. No smoking.
  3. No alcoholic beverages.
  4. No bicycles or motorized vehicles on trails.
  5. No animals.
  6. No rock climbing.
  7. No firearms, explosives or fireworks.
  8. No loud music or noise.
  9. Do not disturb or deface natural or cultural objects; do not remove any objects.
  10. Obey posted speed limits.
  11. Hike on designated trail only.
  12. Park in designated areas only. 
  13. No drones.