Live your Beach Life at Crystal Cove State Beach

Beautiful cove beaches, hiking trails with ocean views, and tide pools full of sea creatures!




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  1. Arrive at Crystal Cove and prepare for a day of fun
  2. Walk through the amazing tunnel and end up beach side to begin your day
  3. Marvel at the beautiful rock formations and brilliant beach coves
  4. Go snorkeling at Pelican Point
  5. Take a water break and head to the historic district and take a look around
  6. Grab a quick lunch at the Beachcomber Restaurant
  7. Walk down to Treasure Cove to explore the awesome tide pools
  8. Take pictures of all the cool creatures you see
  9. Go for a mini hike on the trail and admire the coastal views and beautiful wildlife
  10. Create plenty of memories until the next time you come back



Crystal Cove Trail, Newport Beach, CA 92657

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Packing List

  • sunscreen
  • water
  • backpack
  • change of clothes
  • snacks
  • sunglasses
  • towels
  • comfortable, hiking shoes
  • water shoes
  • comfortable clothing
  • bathing suit

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