Celebrate the Day of the Dead

The best Day of the Dead celebration in the US!

Come and experience an authentic celebration on the Day of the Dead in LA. It is a one-day festival that collects the best Mexican culture can offer. Put a traditional suit and dress on, paint your face and celebrate the living in the day and the dead at night. Tons of live music, performances, traditional dancing, the best LA food and beautiful decorations all over the place. Daytime, you can take it slow with watching some of the most spectacular shows, check out local vendors and try delicious tacos. Nighttime, when all the candles are lit, you can appreciate the beauty of altars and the atmosphere. Join the party and dance your life away at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Dia de Los Muertos is a must-do experience in LA, don't miss your chance to dive into one of the most beautiful and fun Mexican holidays!

Perfect For

  • Learn about Mexican holiday traditions

  • Paint faces and watch the show

  • Live music and festival vibes with friends

  • Get lost in culture

DATE: October 30th 2021

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Packing List

  • traditional costume
  • paint your face (or get it done at the festival)



$35/person Day ticket; $55/person Night ticket