Beach Bonfire in San Diego

Sounds of ocean waves, clear night sky and a warm bonfire!

Time to unwind on the beach, see a beautiful sunset and enjoy a bonfire. Have a fun night with friends playing games and singing songs or have a romantic and quiet date night. Bring some firewood, drinks, food, and smores set for the ultimate experience. Make sure the weather is nice and quiet before planning your night. We recommend arriving before sunset to catch some of the daytime beach vibes and be ready for that stunning sunset with a bonfire cracking in the background for a smooth setting transition. 

Perfect For

  • A night at the beach

  • Chill by the fire

  • Romantic night at the beach

  • Fun beach bonfire with friends

  • Personal time and getaway

Packing List

  • firewood 
  • lighter 
  • firestarter
  • blankets
  • pillows (optional)
  • drinks and food
  • smores kit
  • trash bag
  • speaker/music instruments
  • games



  1. Arrive at the beach an hour before sunset
  2. Find an empty firepit and settle down
  3. Enjoy the beach while it is still daylight 
  4. Start the fire at sunset and enjoy the sun going down and the fire picking up
  5. Enjoy drinks, cook food, play games, listen to music
  6. Have deep and meaningful conversations
  7. Be happy