A Touch of Russia at Fort Ross

Historic Russian-era fortress, fascinating history, and beautiful nature scenes!

A blast from the past is the first phrase that comes to mind when I speak about the historic Fort Ross! Who knew that Russian ties are still apart of California's history and you can visit this iconic landmark and venture back to the 1800's in 2022? Fort Ross was a colony of the Russian empire from 1812-1841. This amazing landmark is an ode to the past from the moment you step on the property. Ring the liberty bell, learn the history behind Fortress Ross, and take a picture of the Kuskov House. As you explore inside the fort, really appreciate the history and soak in the moment. Step outside and see the real life cannon and the beautiful beach views that are right on the edge. A time capsule experience that fully brings history to life! 

Perfect For

  • History behind Fort Ross

  • An immersive history group date

  • Family history lesson

  • Personal history lesson

Packing List

  • camera
  • sunscreen
  • comfortable clothing
  • comfortable shoes 



  1. Arrive at Fort Ross and get ready for a fun history lesson
  2. Soak in the scene; it's a time capsule
  3. Ring the liberty bell before stepping into the fort
  4. Walk inside the fort and just imagine being there in the 1800's
  5. Admire the beautiful nature scenes and ocean views right below
  6. Take a picture beside Fort Ross's cannon

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