A Dam Good Hike at Lake Clementine

A beautiful dam, gorgeous rainbow views, and a hike along one of the world's largest bridges!

Grab your hiking shoes, prepare to get wet, and head out to the coolest dam hike at Lake Clementine. Not only is this hike a fairly easy, half-day adventure full of gorgeous views; the trail also has you walk alongside one of the world's largest bridges! The Foresthill Bridge will be 700 feet above you and you will for sure notice how massive it is. You see why this hike is the coolest? Now for the dam portion. Once you enter this part of the hike, your world will truly change. The majestic nature of this magical dam overflowing with water is one of nature's most beautiful gifts. Capture this moment and soak in the tranquility. Look below for a rainbow to symbolize a hike well done! 

Perfect For

  • Lake Clementine Dam

  • Beautiful hike

  • Fun hike for two

  • Group hiking adventure

  • Family hike day

  • Personal hike

Packing List

  • backpack
  • sunscreen
  • light snacks/food
  • water
  • hiking shoes
  • comfortable clothing
  • bathing suit for swimming
  • first-aid kit
  • camera
  • umbrella



  1. Park at the ranger station and get ready for your hike
  2. Head over the bridge across the American River
  3. Walk left on the dirt road with the gate
  4. Follow along this path for two miles
  5. Walk towards the Foresthill Bridge and admire how tall it really is
  6. Take a swim break under the bridge
  7. As you walk uphill, enjoy the gorgeous nature and beautiful views
  8. Follow the signs that point to Lake Clementine
  9. Take the single track to the left and head down to the dam
  10. Marvel at this beautiful damn with waters gushing down into a waterfall
  11. Follow the rainbow for the perfect picture

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Q & A

This hike is 4.5 miles round trip.

Dogs are not allowed within the boundaries of Lower Lake Clementine or Upper Lake Clementine.